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Year: 2003
Condition: Used
Located in Lithuania
Ref #: 121440

Product Description

CNC working center

Thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately, this machine is no longer available however, please find a selection of machines for sale below; which may be of interest to you.


    CMS PROFILE 3216 SX - Year 2014 Vertical CNC Working Centre Max Dimensions 3200 x 1600 mm Min. Dimensions 420x270 mm Thickness 3-30 mm Drill diameter 3-50...


    BAVELLONI ALPA 315-4 N.P.F. - Year 2006 CNC Work Center 4 Axis Max Dimensions 3000x1500 mm Thickness 2-100 mm Speed 0-43 m/min. Electrospin...


    BAVELLONI ALPA 102 S - Year 2000 CNC WORKING CENTRE 3 Axis Max Dimensions 3300x2500 mm Thickness 2-90 mm Speed 0-35 m/min. Power 20 kW  

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Product Description

CNC working center

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